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Organic Carnaroli Rice


100% Organic Carnaroli Rice. Product of Italy.

Chefs' Choice for World Class Risotto, Imported from Italy

The elegant cousin of Arborio, Carnaroli Rice has been nicknamed the "caviar of rice" and is highly prized by chefs the world over for its bold white kernel, uniform starch release and deliciously creamy and toothsome texture. A plump, short grain, it is the preferred rice for world-class risotto.

Carnaroli Rice is also great for paella, sushi, pudding or salad, and can be prepared like traditional rice. Extremely convenient, it makes perfect risotto in only 20 minutes!

More than a century of experience and passion for rice growing iis in every bag of Carnaroli Rice produced by the Picco family of Cascina Belvedere in Italy's premier rice-growing region. They farm organically and control every aspect of the production, assuring quality and taste in every grain.

  • 100% Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO