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Purple Potato & Brown Rice Ramen w/ Soup

2.8 oz. pouch
10-Pack $2.39 per pouch SAVE $4.00!


Ramen: organic brown rice flour, organic white rice flour, purple sweet potato powder. Soup Pack: dried v egetables ( tomato, green bell pepper, carrot, scallion), salt, tamari powder (soybeans, sea salt), turmeric powder, onion powder, sugar, yeast extract, spices, garlic powder, ginger powder. Contains Soy.

Purple Potato & Brown Rice Ramen with Vegetable Broth

Lotus Foods brings you gluten-free Purple Potato & Brown Rice Ramen, traditional Japanese-style noodles made from organic purple sweet potatoes and brown rice instead of wheat!

We’ve paired antioxidant-rich purple potato with the whole grain nutrition of brown rice for a mildly sweet taste we know you’ll love.

Add the savory Indian-style vegetable broth with turmeric to our quick-cook Ramen cake for a convenient bowl of satisfying and nourishing noodle soup any time. For a complete meal, add your favorite veggies and protein. Ready to eat in 4 minutes!

For additional ideas, check out: Lotus Foods Recipes.

Cooks in only 4 minutes • Gluten Free • Whole Grain and heart healthy • Made with organic, Non-GMO rice • Low Fat • Vegan