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Stainless Steel Rice Cooker & Steamer (12 Cup)

1 cook set

The Healthiest Way to Cook Rice

Not all rice cookers are created equal. Although they may look similar, the Lotus Foods Rice Cooker and Vegetable Steamer has an inner cooking pot and steaming tray that are constructed completely of mirror finish stainless steel. Stainless steel is the healthiest choice for your rice cooking and steaming preparations. Non-stick finishes like Teflon and Silverstone scratch easily and may release little bits of inert plastic into the food when cooked, as well as toxic fumes over high heat.*

More About Teflon and Silverstone

More than half of all cookware sold today is made of aluminum.**

More About Aluminum

Unfortunately, aluminum is reactive and foods cooked in it can react with the metal to form aluminum salts associated with impaired visual motor coordination and Alzheimer's disease, although there is no definite link proven.

That's why our rice cooker is not just coated in stainless steel but instead is made completely from this perfect cooking material. Your rice and vegetables only come in contact with stainless steel cooking surface.

With the included steamer you can also make all sorts of dumplings, from dim sum to Tibetan momos. The steamer tray works exceptionally well with wrappers like tortillas, mushu pancakes, spring roll wrappers and rice skin wrappers. You can even prepare shellfish such as clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops and more. And of course, you can cook any variety of rice with perfect results.


Rice cooker, stainless steel inner cooking pot, stainless steel steaming tray, glass lid, measuring cup and rice paddle.

The Benefits of Stainless Steel

  • The ONLY non-reactive metal used in cookware.
  • Preserves flavor and nutritional value.
  • Does not absorb unusual odors or flavors.
  • Will not react with acidic foods or sauces.
  • Will not rust, tarnish, peel, or pit, ever!
  • Cooking pot & steaming tray are 100% recyclable.
  • Simple 1-2-3 cooking with fast, easy clean up!

*More about Teflon and Silverstone:

DuPont studies show that Teflon off gases toxic particulates at 446°F. At 680°F Teflon pans release at least six toxic gases, including two carcinogens. DuPont acknowledges that the fumes can sicken people, a condition called "polymer fume fever." A study by Environmental Working Group, in collaboration with Commonweal in 2005 found chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of US-born infants including the Teflon chemical PFOA Similarly, researchers at John Hopkins Hospital, who released findings in 2006, found PFOA the Teflon chemical, in umbilical cord blood in 99% of 300 newborns tested. The Canadian government is introducing legislation to ban PFOA.


  • Consider replacing your Teflon cookware, including rice cookers.
  • Do not overheat Teflon cookware. Non-stick coatings are a risk is if they are over-heated. This can happen if an empty pan is left on a burner. In this case, the fumes released can be irritating or hazardous.
  • Keep pet birds away when cooking with Teflon - Households with pet birds should be aware that Teflon fumes pose a hazard to birds.

** More About Aluminum

When cooking with aluminum pots, the more pitted and worn out the pot, the greater amount of aluminum will be absorbed. Minimize food storage time in aluminum - The longer food is cooked or stored in aluminum, the greater the amount that gets into food. Avoid cooking highly acidic foods in aluminum - Aluminum cookware manufacturers warn that storing highly acidic or salty foods such as tomato sauce, rhubarb, or sauerkraut in aluminum pots may cause more aluminum than usual to enter the food.